Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Grandmas service.

Was on 12-02-2011, at the mission church on the Pala reservation . A tiny catholic church dating back to the 1800's. I think it turned out lovely. My aunt Kathleen put a lot of effort into it, and gave a wonderful eulogy. I was the only granddaughter that stood to say something, amongst my tears. I do wish more people would have come forward and shared their experiences, as we all have different ones with people.
I was very fortunate to have my dear friend Caroline take the day off work and drive with me there and drive me home. This was even more important as I had a few bourbon & 7's at the after gathering. My Grandmother asked for this drink the night before she died and never fulfilled the desire. My friend Jennifer also went out of her way to be there. This was really a big deal, I couldn't have done it without them. I mean, at the funeral my mom and sister sat separate from me. Nice huh?
Defiantly riding solo on that one. I'm really missing my grandma tonight, although I know I'll be mourning her for the rest if my life. Here is what I read and some photos.

You’ve always been my Angel, since the day I arrived with you by my side. A gift so great, only God could create. You showed me what unconditional love truly is. You loved me, forgave me, believed in my dreams and supported my desires. You embraced the task of taking care of me with an open heart. Your love is the only reason I am a strong confident woman today.
You were my best friend and the future is difficult to imagine without you. I will forever cherish our unique bond.
I wept for you as a little girl, and now as a grown woman will weep the same.
I love you Grandma.
Nicole Lynn