Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo shoot II

If you are on my face book, you have seen these pictures. I just actually received the edits, and figured i would do a post.
I did this at the PinUps closet, they had another in store shoot with Girlie Show Photography.
I think every girl should do at least shoot in their life.The results are great, and make you feel so good about yourself.
When I feel particularly blah, I can look at these, and they totally life my mood. I realize how pretty I am.
One of my many dreams is to do some plus size modeling, with some modern pinup influence. I don't have the time to put all my effort into researching and pursuing the dream.
I have been putting time in to practicing on my hair and makeup, and looks. Ill never categorize myself or style into one arena, however these looks make me feel good.
Keesha is a pro at photo shop, no joke. Makeup by Candice and hair by Maria B

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