Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to my angel

My Grandma, My Angel
I am trying to get ready for work right now, but i have tears in my eyes. I called my Gma at 7, to say Happy Bday. Gpa says shes still in bed. What? why? I say, since when? My grandma has always been the first one up, my whole life, usually around 6 at the latest. He says "well, for a while now". On Sunday I wanted to go see her, to take her to the movies, but she wasn't feeling well then either.
Its happening, faster then Im ready for. I don't want it to. I need my Grandma, more then life.

I wish i could skip work right now and just go see her.

Ill continue to pray, pray to delay the inevitable.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kawaii Nails

My obsession with Asian culture continues. These nails are a complete norm in Japan, and I am obsessed. I really wanted to get these done for my birthday, but now that i have no real nails on three fingers, ill have to wait. I've searched online, and reviews and the best place in my area to get these is atlas studio, in costa mesa. Now to me, getting nails like this would be a treat, because a full set with art on each finger, will cost around $100. However, they do acrylics old school, the form the tip, they do not glue on a tip. Also each nail is custom art, and formed for you, no glue on pieces. I think its truly amazing.

Friday, August 19, 2011

pretty girl

These are my two edited shots from my pinup shoot. I am absolutely in love. When I look at these, I seriously feel so happy inside, and feel like i could even do some modeling. Whoa! Of course the photo shopping sheds some pounds, and improves everything, but all photos you see in print are edited today. I definitely want some more shoots, once i have the funds. Done by GirlieShow photography, California.