Monday, October 22, 2012

Bullies, bullies, bullies

October is national anti-bullying month.
I have posted about my passion to end bullying for a long time. I have talked about several life changing events as a child and as an adult. Its no surprise I believe in people, especially women being more supportive of one another, and less competitive.
Its funny, the happier I am, the more i attract bullies. Maybe its my confidence and the fact that my weight doesn't stop me from doing what i want, speaking the truth, or standing up for what I believe in.
I have especially had a bad experience at a "size acceptance" bar I have been going to for years, and in my work environment. Funny both of those places are filled with miserable, insecure, catty women. If you confront someone in a bathroom for any reason, yes you are a bully. If you stalk my every move and post, yes you are a bully.
I recently was with friends at knotts scary farm, and we had a terrible experience the entire night really. Apparently these "monsters" that work there are now present day bullies. Apparently from what they told me, they are paid to be mean. I always thought it was to scare and frighten. Guess that wasn't enough anymore. The employees made several remarks insulting weight, appearance, and sexuality.
What went on, wasn't right and very hostile. I did my part in standing up for the right thing. If you talk to me personally you know what  I am referring to.
Obviously by the news , we can see the extreme effects bullying has on young people today and their mental health. Suicide, self harming, shootings, Its totally out of control. However how can we really expect this to change and when adults set the example?! I mean it makes no sense. An adult should be the bigger, respectful person, not the instigator.
If you know someone is suffering, of any age, please reach out to them.You never know who you may help.