Sunday, May 29, 2011


This polish is really amazing, just as the ads show! I had been putting off purchasing, either because Ulta was always sold out or I was being cheap lol. I finally bought a bottle of the China glaze crackle in pink. I wanted red, because that would have been awesome over black. Its a fabulous look you can do on your own, and a bottle of china glaze or opi runs about $8. Thats less then a manicure! I know sally hansen has a line, it may be less. You can find that at any local store. Also, if you shop at Ulta, use a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon, and then you have a super deal. Yay for fun nails!!! Show me pictures if you have any fun nails.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

yes, i like pin up girls

Most of you know I would describe myself as an old soul. I often say I am in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe this contributes to why I have always really liked the pinup, retro, and vintage look. Also being a thick girl was a little more acceptable in a different time too! I never really perused it as a style or way of life, because I am not one to stick to solely one look. My style is evolving and ever changing, and I do what I like weather its in or not. Also it became very trendy, so I just continued to do my own thing. Well a lot has changed in me lately, one being a new found comfort in my body. I wont say happiness, because that would mean weighing about 60 pounds less then i do. However, I just feel differently about things. One thing I would really like to do is some pinup modeling. I know I have the look with the help of hair and makeup. It would be for fun really, not with the hopes of anyone hiring me. So one of my many goals currently going through my mind, is to get a photo shoot done. Once I get the funds, I'll make it happen. I've been practicing with my hair a lot, its so fun!!! My lack of eyelids don't permit the black liquid eyeliner {help}!!!
I was a pinup zombie for Halloween in 2009, btw!
So ladies follow your dreams, one baby step at a time, you'll get there!

Monday, May 2, 2011

If you ever walk a dog read!!!

So you may know, I have 3 small dogs , aka my babies!! You have to say babies in a high pitched excited voice though! Anyway I live in an apartment, so I walk and pick up after my dogs, a lot! We know doggy bags can be $$$ So with everyone around me having babies I stumbled across something exactly the same as dog bags, but better, and a little cheaper. They are disposable bags for diapers, but come in a similar plastic container made to go on a diaper bag. They actually stay on the thicker part of the leash way better then any of the ones meant for dogs. The bags are also bigger, and scented, this really helps on a long walk!! I get them at wal-mart, but you can find them anywhere!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A commoner marries royalty!

I just watched the wedding online, and it just gave me chills. Obviously Catherine is beautiful and looked lovely. I think it really fascinated me that the Brits just love them! In the streets waving the flags, just to get a glimpse of their future queen. Such loyalty. I mean would Americans ever do the same for a wedding?
For following in Diana's footsteps, I do think she could have "blinged" it up a notch, but I am glad she was herself. I loved her dress, I love the fitted lace ivory sleeve. So regal and vintage. I would love to rock a similar dress one day. British women seem to have such class, really so feminine , can we bring that to the US!?!?! Especially the hats!!!! I adore hats, I prefer huge hats!!! It would make me happy to have this be a staple in our country. Victoria Beckham's hat was fantastic, hands down they are the most attractive couple I've ever seen!!

Congratulations to the fabulous newlyweds