Sunday, June 3, 2012

some fun times

Good times were had last week...

On Memorial Day Isabel, Briana, and I got together at Briana's house for a bbq. It was awesome to hang out with them. We went to high school together, and its great we get along and can hang out and chat as adults. I hadn't seen Isabel in like 10 years! I really hope we stay connected, they are both great women.

On Wednesday a long time dream came true! I saw Dita Von Teese!!!! She actually played at the yost theater in downtown Santa Ana. This is like an old time theater inside that recently re opened. It is marvelous inside.
The performance was fantastic. The host was funny, there were dancers in between her acts. She even had a plus size burlesque dancer!!! That of course made me super happy! My favorite set was the finale because i love the Japanese/Geisha stuff.
For 39 years old, she can rock the stage, the outfits, and possess a beautiful pale body. The neat part of going to something like this is seeing everyone dressed up, and running into people from the pinup community.
I finally met my favorite local pin up girl Ashley. I went up to her like a silly fan, but she knew my name!!! I am just sad the photo turned out so blah. Oh well.
It was a great night, and I had a wonderful time with my friend Ryan. I also did a mini bar tour downtown, I went to the playground, the crosby, and chapter one. Its a unique, fun area to go out in.

The crew also got together to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. Wow, 5 years!!!