Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Semi ; Colon project

Not just a trend.

I had my mind set on this tattoo. I am sure we all know what it means, but if not here goes: The semi colon is used when an author contnues a sentence rather than end it.

When you suffer from depression and severe anxiety, passive suicide thoughts are the norm. They continue and seem to get worse and it turns into ideation. Then, eventually you get to a point, or for me there is a major trigger and you attempt it.
God is in control, not myself. This Tattoo will remind me of that, I do not choose when I go home to Jesus and the kingdom of heaven. I struggle so much with not trusting God enough, I don't mindfully think that, but it is the case because anxiety is thinking God will get it wrong and depression is thinking he already did. God gets nothing wrong, he is our sovereign Lord. We get it wrong when we choose free will over him.

Please educate yourself, this is a disease. It is serious, real, genetic, and severe. My family has seriously dropped the ball on educating themselves, which is ironic because they pretty much all have some form or degree of mental illness. This is the ultimate reason I am estranged from my blood relatives. It is NOT about finding a happy place, or doing some activity that makes you happy. I do plenty of that. So please, educate, understand, and break the stigma.