Monday, May 21, 2012

Little Saigon Love

This is my long awaited review of my favorite things in Little Saigon. Today when you think of Garden Grove, you think Vietnamese. Ironically when my Grandparents moved to California, they bought their first home in Garden Grove. I believe it cost around 10,000 and can only imagine how much its worth today. They lived there about 25 years, and when it started to slowly turn into Little Saigon it was time to leave.
In about the 10 years I've individually lived in the Orange County area, it feels like I've lived everywhere. Lots of random areas and places, not so safe, that i hope i never have to go back to.
One thing I appreciate in myself is finding the gems of each area I've been in.

One of my favorite things is Fancy Hair Salon, on brookhurst.
Now you are sacrificing environment for the price you pay. Also there will be a language barrier, unless you speak Vietnamese. My best advise is to be very clear, straight forward, firm, and bring pictures. Cash only as well.
I have gotten my hair cut and colored here several times. Now I only get an all over color, black. No foils or highlighting. For my color, cut, blow dry, and even flat ironed or curled I pay around 40$. For me, it makes it all worth it. If you want a cut and blow dry I believe its around $10-14.

Skylark beauty supply
This place is awesome! Its literally the place the nail salons shop at.They have walls and walls of polish, all the same they use at the typical spot, and for $1!!! They have some opi, china glaze, and various crackles for reduced price as well. Also all types of nail files,buffers, scrubbers, ect all super cheap. I would highly recommend the false eyelashes here too. They also have a ton of acrylic nail supplies and tips, all that stuff if you know how to do nails.

I also go to a foot massage place a few doors down, but I don't know the name. Now if you have never been to an Asian foot massage, FYI they massage your entire body. You keep your clothes on and its a room with several people. Its not private. Its $15, and also totally worth it, for an hour!!

The boiling crab is in the same center, its not my thing, however its an extremely popular restaurant among all  types of people.

Now we know most all nail places employ the Viet, but its funny, in the LS area there aren't really a lot of nail places. You can find basic pedicures and manicures, but that's about it. I go to Long Beach for my nails :)

Last year I purchased my birthday cake from a Viet bakery called Givral.
It was beautiful! They don't bake sweet like we do, so I asked a lot of questions and did chocolate on chocolate and made sure I stressed the fact that I like sweet and rich. I believe it cost me around $50.
These bakeries are where all the Vietnamese get their engagement and wedding cakes.

I am pretty sure everyone knows about Lees Coffee. They are all over the place. I have tried Viet coffee at lots of places and theirs is the best. I love the vanilla ice coffee, and they have good egg rolls. I think a bauget is like $1. Most people are really into their sandwiches is well. The one in GG is actually open 24 hours!

Very recently I went to a traditional Viet restaurant. That is just one thing I'll stay away from. I didn't like the food, at all. I really didn't think it was worth the price, and over all I was not impressed.

I hope you'll try some of the places I love!!!