Sunday, September 8, 2013

Man up, woman up

We often tell men to "man up, be a man" "be a real man" ect ect ect

Well at what point do we say "woman up?" "be a woman".

I have thought of the is entire concept for years, in my time around tactless girls, two faced bitches and fake to the 8th degree.that is all fine and dandy , i decided women and the drama seem to get worse with age by a long shot. I am fine with that. Its ok, I began to separate myself from people to an extreme.

I recently took several months off facebook, because for me the icing on the cake really occurred. I have known both these woman since HS and we had all become pretty good friends, I mean for knowing each other in "real life" not "facebook" life. We even had a mini reunion at the "nice" girls home. Very gracious of her.

Now the "mean" girl i instinctively decided to end contact with, and she wasn't the friend i excepted or deserved. we all know when i feel that way i just cut the ties, its harsh but its ME. ALL ME NICOLE, nothing fake about it.

Well I had been apart of various face book groups, and randomly saw one titled "baby crazy"

I had zero expectations, no clue what was being posted, just wanted to check it out

Well my FRIEND, who just adopted a baby in Texas, I literally had dinner with the family days prior to this FB post.

I joined the group and i see a very LONG post completely bashing my friend, her family, her baby, her parenting, in every way possible.... it wasn't like "im annoyed , im irritated" it was deep, deep heart  wrenching insults, bashes on character, really below the belt.
comments that all seem to come from a deep hate , anger, jealousy, and envy,

Envy because all that matters to this woman is the number of babies she can produce, i mean how dare they go adopt so easily, how unfair!

Well you are wrong, this couple more than deserves, these are good people, and every parent has their own way of being a mom and dad.

this woman lives her life online completely, complains about her family, her mommy groups, her in laws, and if shes pregnant or not. I mean GET A FUCKING LIFE.
So because i stick up for my dear friend on the post, she has all her "internet bullies" send me emails harassing me, and on and on.
like really grow up, be a WOMAN!!!

The reason  i still l decided to post this, is because its something that still bothers me.The lack of apology bothers me, the judgement bothers me, the bitter-ness bothers me, and the immaturity you are capable of when you have been in this woman's home is mind baffling.

if a so called friend can do this to  one, she can do it to others, don't be fooled!

WOMAN UP, Make a public apology to us, and to me for having your "internet" friends get involved,admit your wrong doings! Your life isn't so bad, none of us have everything we want, but that's no reason to tear someone apart for having something you want. I truly hope you learned from this!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving on up

I am Moving to Texas!

Tomorrow, well today actually is my last day at our Costa Mesa office. Wednesday I will pack my car, and Thursday all on my own I will drive away from the lovely state of California. Pretty brave, id say. I have wanted to leave CA for so long. I first realized this wasn't the place for me years ago when I went to Boston . The desire to leave grows daily, and I am constantly reminded why this place is not for me.

It will take time to adjust, no doubt. Its very different, but I really feel like almost nothing could be worse than here.
The Quality of life all around, is just better in Texas.
People are nicer, friendlier, less self absorbed from what i noticed. The cost of living is a phenomenal difference. There are no state taxes, there are jobs! I mean you can actually get ahead in life, get out of debt, buy a house you can afford, your children can go to good schools,  list just goes on.
A starbucks employee even told me to have a blessed day! I mean in CA, you would probably be sued for saying that!
Ultimately who knows where i am destined to be, however in my heart I know I am making a step in the right direction.  I am so ready for an entirely fresh start. I am ready to move on from a very dysfunctional family, men and "friends" that belong in the past and all the other superficial pressures of orange county. I am leaving the emotional baggage when I go. Just me, my car, dogs and clothes that is all I've invited to come along.
I had my last visit with my doctor on Friday. The last few years I've told her everything, the good, bad, dark depths of my soul. She encouraged me every step of the way,always  reminding me of the good, honest person . She taught me not to be so hard on myself, and that no I am not as crazy as i think at times. She also assured me how ready I am to leave, and  move on. I admire and respect this lady to an ultimate degree, and I am going to miss her like crazy.

The goodbye's with friends started last weekend. Pamela and Dawn came up from San Diego and we went shopping, out dancing, brunch at taco rosa, and it was fabulous.
Saturday night I had my going away party , dinner then dancing. It was a huge success  and I had a blast of course with the help of Patron.
My heart was warmed by the presence of so many people coming to say goodbye, and have a good time with me. It was beyond my expectations, and it really made me feel so good. I just have to say people drove out of their way, people married, people with kids, those that don't even dance or drink, and they still made the effort to see me. THAT is a friend. I don't ask much from people, but showing up is half the battle and if you cant do that a few times a year, well aint'' nobody got time for that!

Tomorrow I will say goodbye to people I have seen daily for the last 6 years. The tears already started today. I have met some really amazing people in my time there, and some I will really miss.

So take a risk, follow your dreams, and wish me the best.