Thursday, January 13, 2011

Red red wine

Ive been wanting to change my hair for a while now. Ill probably go back to a dark brown, or even black soon. In the mean time I figured red would be a good transition. I also wanted something fun. We all know my obsession with Nicki Minaj, which includes her crazy hair. So first i did a permanent red hair color, then i did a temporary color on top. Reds do not last long at all, in any form, permanent, semi, or temporary. Temporary has no chemicals, some people call them cellophanes. If you want any bright colors, you do need to bleach that portion of hair first, and the application is a huge mess, because the color is constantly coming out. I really like the red hair on me, it instantly brings out my gold eyes, and helps my complexion. It also looks great with my mostly black wardrobe. I would like to do a pink or fuscia next, I just get sick of all the mean comments from people at work, so we shall see.
Your white Nicki

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