Sunday, June 12, 2011

work it, girl.

Big girls like the pole too

I just had the hardest work out class of my life. Of course, I am not in shape, but still! I've had my share of work outs, I used to be pretty hardcore at the gym, and with weights. My arms hurt so bad, I can't even pull up my underwear. My friend Jessica and I took a pole dancing class, at romance & dance in Carson, Ca. Its an hour class, the first half is not on the pole, its different stretches and positions. About a million times harder then intense yoga. I was thinking when you swing yourself on a pole, you are essentially attempting to lift your body weight, yikes! No way I could do that at the gym. My legs are in really good shape, I walk hard, fast, and a lot. I would like my thighs to be toned, but they don't hurt right now. I would really recommend this work out, its super fun!!! They play good music, and its a good way to switch up your routine if you already work out. Its $20 a class

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