Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dress code

I am pretty convinced my company's executives must be Mormon, or something similar. I mean really, its 2011 what is so wrong with showing the top half of your arm, or even a little above the knee? First off, I work in a building that interacts with no customers. I particularly am a call center environment. The dress code is already strict, but starting tomorrow its about to get worse. No dress code allowance provided either. We already have a business professional attire, and this is what they consider business casual for females :

*Every top and dress must have a sleeve, or a sweater or blazer on at all times, even when at your desk, even if having a hot flash.
* All skirts, and dresses must hit the knee or longer
* No maxi dresses, no leggings ( not even under skirts or dresses)
* No denim
* No capris or crops, even if trouser material
* The only polo shirt you can wear, YOU have to purchase with the company logo on it, and it must be tucked in
* No shirts with any graphic, no tee shirts, no active wear
* Nothing covering your head at any time, unless for religious use
* No sandals, no high wedges, no stilettos, zero boots,no shoes or clothes that look like you might wear them to any type of "club"

Management will be walking around, sending people home without pay and with an occurance, and you will be on your way to a write up. Lets hope they are actually fair this time, because I really am sick of looking at a size 30 female squeeze in target xl leggings daily and get away with it. If i have to search the universe for clothes, we ALL do!!
Do you know how hard it is to find clothes in today's world that even meet all these guidelines, not to mention my height ,size, and budget. They make it almost impossible to just focus on your job, no wonder most of us have an anxiety disorder!


  1. Did they really write that part about hot flashes on the policy? I think that is crossing some kind of line. I've worked at a place that I thought was a little too strict (it also was a work place that didn't deal with the public), but you can't even wear leggings? or maxi dresses? I've seen the pics that you have posted of some of your work outfits and I think have all looked fabulous...and very appropriate!! Your bosses be crazy!!

  2. They didn't post the hot flash part, but in our meeting our supervisors said it did not matter if we were hot or what the case was, we have to leave it on. I cant wear most of my wardrobe anymore, thats why im stressed. These rules are made up by the VPs that run the company.

  3. These are absurd. Even teacher (who are supposed to be shaping our children) have a less strict dress code. It seemed like they've eliminated everything except slacks, long sleeves, and flats. I mean not even polos are allowed. I don't even work there and I'm outraged.
    It sounds like an awful place to work. I applaud you for sticking with it, but consider trying to find another job (not an easy task) before you lose your mind at this job. You're much better than this company. Good luck.