Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunny week

This week I enjoyed some much needed fun in the sun! Hello its summer!
Based on my almost iridescent skin , you could say I really don't see much sun light. Although my vitamin D is low, and since i don't drink milk, the sun is the next best thing.
Just kidding.
well, not about the milk.
The pale skin is not only healthier, but it kind of goes along with my look as well.

Monday Briana picked me up and we headed to the beach, I enjoyed seeing her family and had a great time. Except  my poor red chest, yikes!
I have to say, it was super busy, and this lady was trying to sale her parking spot for $10!!! I mean i thought about picking up this second job, but with my luck the Newport PD would catch me immediately.

Today Pamela invited me to her friends house, I mean castle for a pool party. Its a spectacular place  in the hills of San Diego. We hung out in the lovely pool, ate, drank and talked for hours. I wish i had some better photos, but it was hard with the sun and my phone.

It was lovely hanging out with these women. I don't live near either, so i really value the time we can spend together.
Its also really important for me to have quality women in my life right now. Plus who knows how long ill be in California, so i have to make the best of whats around.

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