Monday, August 20, 2012

Party Idea-Retro Cowgirl

I have this current obsession with having a retro cowgirl themed party.
It seriously will not get out of my damn head.
If I was having a birthday party, this would be it. Although I am the queen of themed parties, its hard to get others to dress up.
I just think the attire, and party decor would be fabulous.

My vision is an outdoor party including the following:
Hay for sitting
Gingham table clothes
Old school country music
BBQ food, including watermelon triangles and corn on the cob
Galvanized buckets for drinks
Root bear bottles
Red bandannas
Those old school stick ponies
Mason jars, probably on the tables with candles
twirling, if i knew how

I want it to feel like you are at a vintage western party, not too juvenile. IF I move to Texas, and throw myself a party, ill do this for sure.

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