Sunday, May 1, 2011

A commoner marries royalty!

I just watched the wedding online, and it just gave me chills. Obviously Catherine is beautiful and looked lovely. I think it really fascinated me that the Brits just love them! In the streets waving the flags, just to get a glimpse of their future queen. Such loyalty. I mean would Americans ever do the same for a wedding?
For following in Diana's footsteps, I do think she could have "blinged" it up a notch, but I am glad she was herself. I loved her dress, I love the fitted lace ivory sleeve. So regal and vintage. I would love to rock a similar dress one day. British women seem to have such class, really so feminine , can we bring that to the US!?!?! Especially the hats!!!! I adore hats, I prefer huge hats!!! It would make me happy to have this be a staple in our country. Victoria Beckham's hat was fantastic, hands down they are the most attractive couple I've ever seen!!

Congratulations to the fabulous newlyweds

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  1. Check out princess Beatrice's hat tho'. Gross!