Monday, May 2, 2011

If you ever walk a dog read!!!

So you may know, I have 3 small dogs , aka my babies!! You have to say babies in a high pitched excited voice though! Anyway I live in an apartment, so I walk and pick up after my dogs, a lot! We know doggy bags can be $$$ So with everyone around me having babies I stumbled across something exactly the same as dog bags, but better, and a little cheaper. They are disposable bags for diapers, but come in a similar plastic container made to go on a diaper bag. They actually stay on the thicker part of the leash way better then any of the ones meant for dogs. The bags are also bigger, and scented, this really helps on a long walk!! I get them at wal-mart, but you can find them anywhere!

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  1. IKEA also sells really thick black bags for about $1 per roll. The rolls have more than a typical dog bag roll too. It was an exciting find.