Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I got dinner from the Mexi-Casa tonight, in Anaheim. My father and his family came here when he was growing up, that is how long its been in the same spot. The inside is the same, the prices haven't changed much, and I think its super. It amazes me, that I was not raised by my father whatsoever, yet I am very much his daughter. It also makes me very sad.

I've been hiding in my cave the last few days, and this was the first time I left. This is a low, and shaking it seems to be hard. Since Sunday, I've been really sad about my Grandma. I can't talk to her without crying. I just tell her i love her over and over. Really she could die any day. I honestly have no clue. I try to tell her shes my angel, she's the only reason I am alive, she is my reason for living. and I cant even get the words out of my mouth.

I miss my dog Coco. My mom took him the last time i moved, last week. The lady here already has 4 dogs. I smuggled Patsy in as it is. I couldn't bring 3 dogs with me. So now Im sad and guilty, and want my Co co bears.

I hope I feel better, that is all.

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  1. Mexi Casa has been my fav Mexican restaurant since before I can remember. I don't remember the prices or menu changing in like 15 years! About once a week I tell Russ, "Ugh, I wish we had a Mexi Casa by our house." LOL! On a different note, I'm sorry about your grandma. I know how hard it is to see someone we are so close to fade away. You are in my thoughts!!