Monday, October 11, 2010

My boys

Oh the things we do for the ones we love.
So I have done a lot of research on canine health. If I had a disposable income, I may just run to the vet for everything, but since this is not the case I've found a ton of home remedies, for our furry babies.
One thing that remains consistent is their diet. Now i realize diet is a huge deal for us humans, but it seems even more imperative for dogs. It can literally prevent or even cause many problems that arise in pets. Maybe because their bodies are smaller, maybe because their life spans are short (compared to us). Even the most expensive dog foods are fairly equivalent to a human eating fast food every day. They say a good diet can even fight off fleas!!
The last couple weeks I have been making my own dog food. It really comes out cheaper, is way healthier, and you know what is going into your fur baby. Of course it does lack convenience.
There are things pets cannot eat, so do your research before you try it.
My recipe typically goes like this:

Brown rice- $1.00 per lb.
canned vegetables, I pick one or two- spinach, sweet peas, green beans, around .80 cents a can. You can even use frozen mixed veggies. I just pass on cleaning up after corn consumption.
1 package of shredded carrots around $1.oo a bag.
I pick one meat, either canned chicken, or a lb of ground beef. Both around $2.50.
cook and mix together, and there you have it. I have two small dogs and this last almost a week. Of course if you have big dogs you will need room for much more. I really encourage this, its very cost effective, and will keep your babies healthy. It would probably benefit me to eat this too!!

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  1. That does sound healthy. I will have to remember that.

    Is that an online recipe? You're such a great dog owner (or fur babylover)!