Thursday, October 28, 2010 or steal?

So I love Long Beach, don't get me wrong. I am just highly disappointed with their thrift and vintage stores. I really have no clue why they are even called thrift stores. To me, they aren't even in the discount category. For example, today I bought a plain hanes sweatshirt at walmart, for $5, at the good will it would be the same price, but used, dingy, and dirty. Most Goodwill stores have a color on sale every day, for %50 off, if the item has that color tag you get the sale price. In Long Beach, they don't do this at all. So lately I've seen a couple dresses I like, but i refuse to pay $8.00 for a thrift store dress, sorry. The "Out of the Closet" thrift store is a bigger joke, almost amusing really. The average price of a dress is $50.00, pants are $10.oo and up. Insane. I live by 4th street's "vintage row", and still try to figure out how these stores afford the rent. They are adorable, and I have gone in to them several times, and rarely witness a purchase. The average "vintage" dress is about $80.00, skirts $50-60. There is a really cute baby shop, where ONE body suite is $22.00.
two stores I would recommended would be live feed, and the assistance league thrift store, both on 4th street. They are not super cheap, but better then the others.
I really miss Pomona's thrift store shopping, where you can find real bargains.
I think I have been to every thrift store in the area, if you know one that meets the definition of thrift, please let me know.


  1. I hear there are a lot of thrift shops in San Pedro, just over the bridges. They are mostly on/off of Pacific street. Maybe better luck there. I agree, it's ridiculous how much they want for used clothes around here. I miss the $1 thrift store that used to be by my parents house. Everything was $1 and I got more than half of my high school wardrobe there.