Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Real party :Fiesta on a budget

Most of you know I would love to be in the party planning field. So I volunteered to do my friend Caroline's baby shower. It was a baby girl co-ed fiesta, on a major budget. With $$ the possibilities are endless, and I hope one day to build up to that. The vases are all Mexican coke bottles with carnations. I bought the Jars at thrift shops and filled with Mexican candies. I made all the tissue bunting. I previous blogged about my Sangria recipe, and borrowed the Mexican jug from Lolas. The seed packets say "Grown with love, Baby Hische". PiƱatas are a deal on Olivera street. I did a clothes line with some vintage baby books I found at a local store. I wish I could just open a business that was all things creative lol. Anyway, I liked the way it turned out. Here are a few pictures. Let me know if you need any creative help, with any type of party.

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