Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Friday Bob

I wanted long hair for so long!! Now its growing and I want a change. I really love A line bobs, with some disconnection. Disconnection when it comes to hair, is when an area or pieces, are much longer or shorter then the rest of the hair. So there is no real guide you are following through the entire cut. Ideally I would like it very long in the front, with a typical bob in the back, with some graduation. Couple issues, I have really fine hair, so it doesn't graduate well in the back. Also I feel like short hair brings a lot of attention to your face, and really isn't the best option for my round face. Here are some cuts I enjoy. Please give me your feedback!!!
short bob hairstyles


  1. I love all these styles! Posh is probably my fav cut though! Whatever you choose, I know it will look FAB!!

  2. I think you can rock any of those looks, it's really all about attitude, and you have it. :)