Monday, March 7, 2011

French Macaroons

The only thing I enjoy about this cookie, is the way it looks. Seriously gag me! After watching a ton of DC cupcakes, I was dying for one. I went to Dolys Delectables, in Long Beach. There was only white cupcakes, so I had to pass. I am a major chocolate girl! So I decided to try these cookies, for the first time. I purchased a red velvet and tiramisu @ $1.50 each. The texture was terrible, you can barely even taste a difference in flavor, because this horrible taste just takes over your mouth. Kind of like plastic, almost like i was eating the refrigerated display case they were in. This yucky taste lingered in my mouth forever! I am seriously a huge treat/desert person, especially "carby sweets" and I really would not recommend this cookie. I also adore anything tiramisu, except this. It could just be the place, but I will never willingly pay for one of these French Macaroons again!

1 comment:

  1. I tried these at Christmas, they are delicious especially the brown & red ones. Didn't go much on the green one much though.