Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I met my girl!

I can't even believe it. It was super super fast, you didn't have time to say anything. It was a bottle signing, at stater brothers. Random. I stood in line for about 3 hours!!!Luckily the last hour I ran into a friend, so that was nice to catch up. Bethenny is beautiful in person. Very petite, she must weigh 90lbs max. I thought great, I am gonna look huge in a photo. Well i got low , as she was sitting, and this is one of my favorite pictures ever!!!! I love her!! Maybe one day, I'll actually get to speak with her. I had her sign my people magazine, and will most likely frame. I made her daughter Bryn this headband, and gave that to her. Bethenny is such an inspiration for me. She had a really tough upbringing, and has turned herself into a mega business woman, fit & attractive, wonderful wife & mother, and hilarious. Embraced for being crazy and to the point, half of what she says I could see coming from my mouth. She is pro therapy, which every knows is my mantra. Most of all she gives me hope that even though I am almost 30, there is a chance I will find an amazing man that loves me for me. That I wont have to settle, for a man who physically isn't my type, cheats on his wife, is a pot head or alcoholic, insanely insecure or cheap. She really shows me there is light at the end of the tunnel, for a happy family. A family of MY own. The way I want to do it. Honestly, no one has ever inspired me this way. It's an emotional subject.
Thank you Bethenny.

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