Thursday, March 31, 2011

B is for Boston

You know, If I ever have children, and my first is a son, he will be named Boston Allen. I just love this city. I guess the sentimental mood is a result of me dying to travel somewhere. Like dying. I first went to Boston to meet a guy, and I have to thank him for that, because otherwise I would have never fallen in love with this beautiful place. Obviously it didn't work out with this guy, but I had the best time, and zero regrets. This was October 2004, at the same time the Red Sox won the world series. It was amazing, the city was full of joy. Bostonians are very loyal people, I more then appreciate this. Over the next couple years, I went there two more times. I saw Dave& Tim at the citi theatre, and at UMass. How perfect is this? I rode a cab after Yankee Johnny Damon got out. I went to Cheers, Faneuial hall, famous graves, the old State building, I got to do so much, and I miss it. I prefer Boston to NYC. People are friendlier, its a good walking city, public transportation is understandable, the history is amazing. I guess I could go on forever. I hope one day soon to return, with someone I love preferably. It would be nice to share that passion.
yes, I love that dirty water
Boston 2007 in Good Times by Nicole cramer

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