Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovely Dame

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Did you know Elizabeth was born with violet eyes and had double upper eyelashes ? How rarely beautiful. No wonder she had seven husbands!! She was born outside of London, and into Christian Science. MGM signed her in 1943 at $100 a week! What touched me the most about her, is the humanitarian she was. Of course society chose to focus on her number of marriages rather then the amazing work she did. She was an Israeli activist all her life, which is said to be why she converted to Judaism at age 27. Elizabeth Taylor co-founded the American Foundation for AIDS research, and this was her true passion. She hosted the first AIDS fundraiser in 1984, and over 30 years has raised over $100 million to all aspects of the disease. After hurricane Katrina, she donated $40,000 to help those with aids in the community.
It may be silly, but I think she is in heaven with her dear friend Michael Jackson.

Here is to the most beautiful, feminine, compassionate woman in the world.

Source-Wikipedia, google

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  1. She was definitely gorgeous, inside and out!! What true beauty!